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Just to introduce myself a little, my name is Karine Goulet. I am 17 years old. I am who I am, quirks, scrapes, pimples and all! I am in no way professing perfection. I am a work in progress and am in desperate need of God’s grace. Thankfully it never runs out. YIPEEEE! Questions will be answered by me, and my close friends . When questions are given to us, we will ensure that Gods word has the final say! :)

I will always try to post encouraging things.
Oh, and there's music at the top! Enjoy! :)

"I am broken. Everyday is a new battle, but I am understanding that the war is already won. It was won by a man willing to give up everything for my wretched self. As broken as I stand He is whole. As hard as the battle seems He is victorious. I am trusting that beauty will come. And He will be glorified through the messiness of my life."
G. Beltran (via heismore-iamless)

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A Million Suns - Hillsong United


God has placed eternity in the hearts of mankind. Everything we experience not only serves a purpose here on earth, but it serves a purpose for eternity. Right now, God is working in you and putting inside of you everything you need to fulfill your eternal destiny. He is making you ready to rule and reign with Him. As long as you are moving forward and gaining strength, you are gaining eternal victory.
View what’s going on in your life with an eternal perspective. You have a higher calling; you have a greater purpose. Focus on what God is doing in your life. Don’t allow the little irritations to get you off course or distract you from what God has called you to do. Open your heart and mind and allow Him to prepare you for eternity. As you keep an eternal perspective and stay determined to be who God has called you to be you will see His hand moving in your life and you will live as an overcomer now and throughout eternity.
"The church does not exist to meet our needs, we exist as the church to meet the needs of others"
Joel Houston (via littlethingsaboutgod)

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